Mental Maturity: Does the Brain Really Mature After 25?

“Systems responsible for logical reasoning mature by the time people are 16, but those involved in self-regulation are still developing in young adulthood.” -Laurence Steinberg, Professor of Psychology at Temple University and member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience. “The car rental companies got to it first, but neuroscientists have caught [...]

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6 of the Most Influential Men of Fitness

The influence and power of the father is traditionally the strongest voice in a child’s life. In health and fitness it carries over as well. These 6 forefathers of fitness of the health industry’s imprint is still ever present today. Jack Lalanne: Beginning in the 1953, regular exercise is what kept him on the air [...]

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3 Reasons Fitness Should Be Better After Age 30

After the age of 30, it gets much better for health and fitness as the benefits are greater and it’s also setup to be more favorable. Routinely though, this has been the time where life slows down and priorities change towards careers and families, leaving physiques to fall by the wayside. But for a BodyPreserver, [...]

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Shared Stories & Secrets For Restoring Fitness After 30!