Anti-Aging Celebrities- The 37 Best Aging Celebrities Over 37

We at understand that aging is a natural progression in life that we should all cherish, but it doesn’t have to be done rapidly or miserably! Therefore, for some inspiration on our bodies ability to age gracefully, we compiled a list of The Best Aging Celebrities over 37 (in no particular order). Enjoy!

The 37 Best Aging Celebrities Over 37

1.The 45-year old actress beauty, and mother of 2, Stacy Dash still gives 20 year old models a run for their money!!! Mrs. Dash on how she stays in shape,”I eat healthy, I run and I work out with a personal trainer who does a very strenuous, athletic workout with me four to five time a week.”









2. Whether surfing or running, the 41-year old chiseled superstar Matthew McConaughey’s motto is to try and at least break a sweat everyday. “Without exercise, I feel like my head doesn’t work right. I just feel better when I work out. I do sit-ups, push-ups and jogging. I think the body is a beautiful thing, and you should take care of it. Whether it’s going for a run, dancing or loving, my rule is break one sweat a day.”















3. At age 43 and with 2 kids, Salli Richardson-Whitfield still has flawless hair and skin tone keeping her forever young.








4. The 43-year old Hall of Fame “Tight end” Shannon Sharpe seems to be physically aging like fine wine…getting better with age. Eating at least five small meals a day, he is an advocate of compound and total body exercises.











5. The 43-year old “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts is still looking as beautiful as ever, therefore we need a sequel Mrs. Roberts!!! To keep her appearance fit after 3 kids, she does a lot of swimming and water exercises along with resistance bands for muscle toning.












6. After 2 children and at age 53, everybody’s favorite pop star Madonna still has a “Ray of Light” since the self-proclaimed workout junkie has kept herself looking like the 1980′s. Building a gym 20 miles from your doesn’t hurt her chiseled figure either.















7. Mr. 007 Daniel Craig gets a oo10 for maintaining his body at age 42. For James Bond he had a strict 7 day a week regimen.










8. The 50-year old Pony Express star and NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson of 1980′s SMU fame, looks like he still has a few touchdowns left in him.










9.Another All-Pro NFL running back on our list Herschel Walker, who at 49 has recently began his MMA fighting career. Since high, he’s been doing 1500 push-ups and 1500 sit-ups every morning.









10. A mother of 1, the 44-year old Latin Love Salma Hayek has been gracing the silver screen with her beauty for decades by using juice cleansing to keep her body nutrient rich and performing yoga.









11.The former gold medal olympic champion mother of 2, Kristi Yamaguchi still puts the ‘figure’ in skater at age 40. She keeps it slim and trim by performing her very own “Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout”, a circuit workout for the whole body.










12. At 42 years old, and arguably the greatest female tennis player ever, Steffi Graf hasn’t let her retirement, or 2 children, from tennis take away her fitness by involving herself in yoga workouts.










13. Mother of 1, Gail Devers, the 3-time olympic gold medalist in track and field hasn’t lost her touch at age 44.












14. The 47-year old former Law & Order star Benjamim Bratt hasn’t gained an ounce since ‘Clear & Present Danger.’ The hollywood star adheres to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s 5 factor diet; 5 meals a day made with 5 ingredients while doing 25 minute workouts.












15. Actress and Estee Lauder model Elizabeth Hurley is 46 years old going on 20! After her pregnancies she has used Neanderthin to lose the baby weight, but normally eats smaller portioned meals and drinks Watercress soup in order to lose unwanted pounds.












16. Considered a youngster on this list, 39-year old hollywood heartthrob Idris Elba still has the smile and skin to drive the women crazy! A kickboxer in his spare time, he tries to either jog or do 100 push-ups and sit-ups every morning.











17. Nicknamed “The Body”, 48-year old former swimsuit model and founder of “Intimates” lingerie, Elle Macpherson’s style and smile has kept her beautifully classy. The mother of 2 does swimming, yoga, pilates, and also 500 sit-ups a day to preserve “The Body”.












18. Arguably the biggest WWF star of all-time , now 46, the bald-headed intimidator turned actor “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t appeared to have aged one bit. A big fan of squats, he believes in getting in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less.









19. 43-year old supermodel Roshumba Williams’ flawless skin and lean but curvy body has kept her in the forefront of he modeling industry.












20. Another youngster on the list, but NFL bodies can get old quick and the 37-year old wide receiver Terrell Owens is still competing at the highest level thanks to his Bodylastic resistance bands workouts and water based exercises being easier on the joints to elongate his playing career.











21. It’s hard to believe Mrs. “Ghost” is 48, but Demi Moore doesn’t look a day over 25. Rumored to be a vegetarian, this mother of 3 practices pilates, cardio, and yoga to keep her body looking 25.












22. 1st the Olsen twins are 25, now we really feel old when “Uncle Jesse” turns 48. But, John Stamos’ age doesnt match his appearance as the former ‘Full House’ star is still a world renowned heartthrob.











23. We all hope to look like this star rapper/actor  and have his hypnotic power on women at age 43, the one and only Mr. “I’m Bad” LL Cool J. With his “Platinum Workout”, he does multiple supersets of variable circuit training; mixing in boxing, plyometrics, free-weights, sprints, and more.









24. After 3 children, Kelly Ripa has the body of an Olympic sprinter. At 40, she stays in shape by eating moderately and exercising everyday for 45-90 minutes depending on the day. She prefers to do something different daily, either using Physique57, SoulCycle, and others.40











25. Believe it or not, Sheryl Crow is 49 years old and the talented pop singer/song writer still turns heads with her well-aged body. She keeps it up by the same workout millions of other Americans adhere to; The P90x workout.












26. The 52 year soulful songstress has been making music seemingly a lifetime selling over 50 million records worldwide and showing no signs of slowing down; artistically or physically, which is why Sade’s had to be on our list.











27. At 44, this NFL Hall of Famer and former MLB player was ahead of his time in sports but the baby face never caught up to his age for Mr. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. Deion still trains aspiring athletes at his “Prime U” workout facility where he not only participates but also leads some of the workouts.











28. We would have never guessed that the “Mrs. Congeniality” star was close to 50 years old, but at 47, Sandra Bullock’s smile and body has never seemed to change over the years.












29. The age of 40 hasn’t appeared to give hollywood actress Nia Long any problems, as she is still as beautiful and vibrant as ever. Loving her curves, she eats at least 5 meals a day but workouts regulary, says “Being skinny ages you”.










30. Brad Pitt has been worldwide sex symbol ever since he became a household name in 1991, and 20 years later at 47, he is still a heart throb. To keep his lean muscle, he works out regularly using high repititions eating low carbs and high protein meals.












31. Oscar winning and Hollywood superstar actor Denzel Washington has been the sexiest man on the planet in a lot of communities for the past 30 years, and at 56, he hasn’t lost a step.Working with his personal trainer and controlling his portions on his meal, he takes care of his body stating, “I made a commitment to completely cut out drinking and anything that might hamper me from getting my mind and body together. And the floodgates of goodness have opened upon me – spiritually and financially.”












32. Already voted sexiest man alive TWICE by People Magazine, and at age 50, A-list actor and leading man George Clooney knows the secret to preserving his good looks. Said to be more of a cardio guy in the gym, he eats a healthy diet and stays active.












33. And 2008′s sexiest women alive by Esquire Magazines, the 45 year old Halle Berry is still global icon for her beauty, period. And after birthing her daughter, she has lost 40 lbs. using the “3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone” workout.












34. Rather in a science fiction, fantasy, or drama movie role, 48 year old Johnny Depp seems to still drive the women crazy with his effortless sex appeal. But dont let the demeanor fool you, he actually exercises with dumbbells, a resistance ball as well as a treadmill for cardio while consuming a low-fat/low-calorie diet.












35. Everybody’s favorite ‘cougar’, 55 year old “Sex and the City” star Kim Cattrall may not be too far off of her characters ability to entice younger men with youthful exuberance. And it only takes her about 30 minutes a day and a diet low in bread and alcohol to do so.











36. Marriage, kids, and working hard on endless blockbuster movies hasn’t appeared to slow down the “Fresh Prince”, and at 42, Will Smith still resembles the troublesome teenager from Philly on the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.











37. We almost ended the list at 36, but there was no way we could leave “Spawn” off of it. At age 43, Michal Jai White is in tip top condition and with his strict diet workouts, we can’t ever see him falling off. Using a variety of routines to continually shock his muscles, with light weights and high repetitions to keep his body in tune for his martial arts training.











I’m pretty sure we missed somebody you are certain should’ve made it. If you feel like we’ve left somebody off the list, feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

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