Celebrity Bodies| The 27 Worse Aging Celebrities of 2011

Celebrity Bodies

The 28 Worse Aging Celebrities Of 2011

We at BodyPreserver.com, understand that there is a natural physical regression in the aging process, but here is a list of those that went the wrong route or simply gave up on looking youthful. We love everybody on this list, just want them to get motivated to get off this list! Enjoy!


27.) Tom Berenger

26.) Omar Sharif










25.) Wesley Snipes

24.) Val Kilmer










23.) Dick Van Patten









22.) Jeffrey Jones









21.) Lil Kim

20.) Jack Nicholson











19.) Maxwell

18.) Eddie Van Halen










17.) Steven Seagal








16.) Bobby Brown










15.) Mickey Rourke











14.) Fergie

13.) D’Angelo










12.) Danny Ainge










11.) Charles Barkley













10.) Sinead O’Connor

9.) James Toney














8.) Bridgette Nielsen


7.) Jack Arute














6.) Bill Clinton










5.) Sammy Sosa










4.) Nick Nolte










3.) Bruce Jenner










2.) Carrot Top










1.) Jocelyn “Catwoman” Wildenstein




I’m pretty sure we missed somebody you are certain should’ve made it. If you feel like we’ve left somebody off the list, feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

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2 Responses to “Celebrity Bodies| The 27 Worse Aging Celebrities of 2011”

  1. I would take Whitney Houston off this list in respect to her family.