How To Get Toned Biceps

A Good Biceps Workout

How To Get Toned Biceps:
If you ask most men what body parts they focus on most while in the gym, they’ll probably tell you abs, chest, and arms as nothing stands out more in a t-shirt or tank top more then a ripped set of guns. Similarly for women, a nice toned set of arms is a key component of any “spaghetti strapped” or “little black” dress. As most of you already know, their are two muscle groups that make up the arms; the triceps and biceps and in our previous “how to get ripped triceps” video we displayed a proven workout to get chiseled tri’s. Therefore, without further ado, we present to you the complimentary video for getting toned biceps. Enjoy!

Biceps Workout: *Sets are to done within 1 minute of each other. Also, make sure to increase the weight after every set in 5 or 10 lb. increments.

Warmup: Curl Machine 20lbs.-2×15.
Negative Curls-1 set max-2×1.
Alternating Grip Curls-4×21. wide grip 7, regular grip 7, close grip 7.
Preacher Curls-3×10.
Reverse Incline Curls-2×15.
Alternating Dumbbell Curls-3×10.
Lying Cable Curls-3 Sets To failure. No Rest between sets.
Cable Rope Curls-3 Sets To failure.No Rest between sets.

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