12 Beautiful Organic-Eating Women Of 2012

Is eating organically the secret to beauty?

Although an organic lifestyle is not my particular “cup of tea,”(it’s expensive) it is supposed to be better for our bodies by providing us with more energy and nutrition, but no study has been confirmed that it actually makes us look better.

Albeit, I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but women who choose to eat naturally seem to look more beautiful and ageless.

12 Celebrity Women Who Eat Naturally

1. Sepsenahki Aahkhu

One of the hottest names (and faces) in diet and health is all-natural chef Sepsenahki Aahkhu who definitely has my attention *coughs*…on the organic lifestyle. Her beauty has even carried over into a career in modeling with photos plastered all over the world becoming recognized as one of the most   beautiful women in the world.

2. Kate Gosselin

After 8 (yes 8!) children, the 36-year old reality star of “Kate Plus 8″ Kate Gosselin doesn’t appear to have a single pound of baby weight left on her body since switching to an organic based diet.

3. Fran Drescher

“The Nanny” still looks good at 54 and doesn’t look a year past her prime of the 1990′s.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Emmy Award winning actress has never seemed to have any issues with her waistline, and now we know why!

5. Angelina Jolie

The sculpted body of “Laura Croft: Tomb Raider” had many wondering her secret, and now we at least know one of the ingredients.

6. Madonna

With the look of an amateur fitness model, Madonna still moves like a 20-year old on stage, and aside from her workout routine, her organic diet is probably the main reason for it.

7. Nicole Kidman

Stating she is “not a friend of foods with a high fat content,” the 44-year old mom and Oscar winner says she only tries to eat organic food. “

8. Emmanuelle Chriqui

It’s not just the older demographic within the organic movement as the 34-year old star from HBO’s “Entourage” has also joined in, and predicated on the health and beauty of others on this list, her future appears to be in good hands.

9. Angela Bassett

Mrs. Bassett is another 50+ mom who wouldn’t do too shabby in a fitness competition, which is remarkable that she continues to look as vibrant as her role of Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” nearly 20 years ago.

10. Alicia Silverstone

Always ridiculed for not being “skinny”, Alicia dropped all of her maternity weight, plus more, since switching to an organic based diet.

11. Courtney Cox

The beautiful and charismatic ‘Friends’ and ‘Scream’ star hasn’t lost a step at age 47, and sticking to her natural diet, it appears this Hollywood mom will continue that trend.

12. Julia Roberts

She is one of our Top Anti-Aging Celebrities for a reason, and has been seemingly lighting up the big screen forever and looks to continue to do so at 44-years old for many years to come.

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