Marier’s 40 Year Old Powerlifting Program

BodyPreserver: Marier
Age: 43

Always considered a “little guy”, Marier’s lifelong dream was to become big and strong to “even the playing field” amongst his peers.

But, since it’s nearly impossible to change your genetic make-up, his will and determination lead him to powerlifting.

The more he worked out, the stronger he became, until he was one of the strongest individuals in his entire age group.

But,’Marier’s 40 Year Old Powerlifting Program’ came with the assistance of a lifestyle change.

In yet another story of redemption, local powerlifting champion and current college student Marier, changed from a lifestyle of self-depreciation (smoking and drinking) and took to the path of BodyPreserving. Cementing himself into this mold for years, his decision to change conquered those bad habits and now his laurels rest in winning meets and schoolwork.Marier Costa, 43-BodyPreserver, 40 year olds powerlifting workout

Since refreshing his mental and physical states, his body has responded with more energy and sustained strength at age 43, as well as taking years off of his physical features.


Since his (and most other powerlifters) sole focus is on muscle mass, having a lean build is very minuscule to him. Therefore, Marier “eats whatever he wants” every few hours as long as it is high in protein. Albeit, he admits to trying to eat more fruits and veggies since he is aware of the benefits of a healthy diet.

Also, since he refuses to use any nutritional supplements, instead he opts for eating more frequently to keep muscle mass while getting his daily required nutrients for maintaining his strength.


Although he might go for an occasional bike ride or run on the treadmill, he prefers to burn his calories lifting weights. “Doing cardio takes away your strength,” he says, firmly believing that it will lead to burning off some of his muscle mass.


Being a full-time college student/barber leaves very small windows for workout time, so his are very brief in between classes ranging from 30-40min. Interestingly, this appears to be ample time for him to effectively work the daily designated muscle group.

Not following the same routines on a weekly basis, he believes a variety of exercises is key as it not only reduces joint injuries, but also keeps his muscles guessing which signals muscle reproduction.

The importance of stretching with the stick can also not be understated, as it really helps his back get loose which is one of the reasons why he has been able to avoid major injuries.Marier Costa, 43-BodyPreserver, 40 year olds powerlifting workout

Marier’s Powerlifting Training

HIS ROUTINE (Typical day)

*Stretches with the stick before every workout

Barbell Shoulder Press-5×10
Front/Back Alternating Barbell Press-3x to failure
Dumbbell Front Raises-3 sets to failure
Dumbbell Side Raises-3 sets to failure
Prone Side Raises-3 sets failure

Incline Press-4×10
Flat Bench Press x Dips (supersets)-4×10 x Dips to failure
Cable Reverse Flyes (yes he actually does this for a chest exercise)-3 sets to failure
Pec Flyes-3 sets to failure

Leg Extensions-4×10
Glute Press-3×10 (each leg)
Hip Abductors-3×10
Seated Leg Press-4×10-12
Hamstring Curls-4×10

Pull Downs or Weighted Pull-Ups-5×10
Lat Rows-4×10
Reverse Grip Pull Downs-3×10

Straight Leg Raises-4×10
Knee Raises-3×10
Decline Ball Toss-3×10


As validation to his regenerated focus and drive are his multiple trophies and awards won at various meets. In regards to extending his livelihood, his primary goal is power doesn’t deflect his refusal to wear out his joints, thus he doesn’t lift heavy on a constant basis. Also, continuing to switch routines versus to the same exact ones helps him avoid chronic joint and muscle problems which is why he is able to sustain his life as a BodyPreserver.

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