8 Reasons It’s Hard Losing Weight After 40



I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly feeling like a “spring chicken” anymore as I approach the second semester of life. My stomach muscles, muscle tone and losing weight at 40 are all becoming more difficult.

So, to get back to feeling more youthful again I had to understand the changes that our bodies go through at this stage of life.

If you want , you should know that there are a couple of simple reasons why it’s tougher losing weight during this time of life. Once we understand why it gets harder to losing weight after age 40, we’re more prepared to move forward and find a weight loss plan which works.

Here are 8 difficulties to losing weight after age 40!

1.) The Metabolism Slows Down


The inner structures within cells that turn food into energy, known as Mitochondria, begin to slow down or get killed off when we turn forty. This is one of the main reasons why we burn less as calories as we age. Although I’m not a fan of counting calories, it becomes a higher priority with time.

2.) Men Lose Hormones


Guys aren’t immune from losing hormones during the fourth decade of life as there testosterone levels begin to fade. Averaging 1% of muscle loss per year after the age of 35, the male bodies metabolic function decreases making room for more unwanted body fat.

3.) Females May Start Perimenopause


Women who are entering Peri-menopause tend to experience symptoms of changing hormone levels that lead to imbalances which triggers spikes in the bodies insulin. This change alone directly leads to insulin resistance, where the body begins to convert as many calories it can into fat to help manage insulin levels.

4.) We Move Less


Some people stay active when they are older, while others tend to avoid the high level of physical activity that was a part of their younger lifestyles. Whether it is lack of energy from the stress of 8 + hours of work or a full schedule in the evening, its becomes increasingly difficult to muster up energy as we age. Since it becomes even more important to burn off excess calories in our adult life to avoid weight gain, decreasing physical activity can be detrimental to our physiques.

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5.) We May Be Dehydrated


A lot of us rely on coffee to keep going throughout our day or diet sodas which contain caffeine. When we take in a lot of caffeine and don’t drink a lot of pure fluids, such as bottled water, our bodies don’t flush our impurities the way that they should, contributing to dehydration, bloating and an enlarged waistline. When we aren’t properly hydrated it’s hard for nutrients to get to our muscles leaving us feeling lethargic.

To combat any cravings to unhealthy beverage choices, I carry around a jug of water at work every day and I rarely desire any other drinks!


6.) We Indulge in Bad Carbs


Most people in their 40’s find it hard to adjust to their ever-changing biomechanics. Growing up eating white bread and white rice, for example, would seemingly burn off overnight as children. Constantly on-the-go balancing your home, your career, and the many extra-curricular activities for the kids; fast food and off schedule eating habits are usually at an all-time high and it’s difficult to find healthy whole grains outside of the kitchen.

Switching to more whole grain wheats and cutting bad carbs has been our best decision to get slimmer!

7.) Gut Flora May Proliferate


The years of unhealthy eating may have finally caught up to us, as bad gut flora builds up in our intestinal tracts. Studies have shown that high (bad) fat diets and bad gut bacteria makes it harder to release the bad calories and they tend to stick our belly as fat.

We can rebalance things by ensuring that we take in enough healthy probiotics, which helps our eliminative system to work more efficiently.


8.) We May Not Eat Enough Good Fats


Our generation has been programmed to believe that all fats are bad for the body. But research has refuted this claim as healthy fats (good fats) actually aid in the burning of bad fat.  If you’re not adding enough of these oils to your diet, you may be making it harder for your body to burn calories.

Olive oil, coconut oil, egg yolks, for example, are considered healthy fats which promote weight loss after 40!