The Bionic Mom: How To Get Back In Shape at 50

BodyPreserver: Claudia Berk

Age: 57

Bodypreserver Claudia

Claudia lays out her guideline on how to get back in shape to motivate others in their own personal quest. Not into fitness until recently, her body looks younger and more youthful than ever.

“As I approach my 54th year of existence, I have finally found a formula for living the life I deserve.

Clean eating, a positive outlook, and continuing a physically active lifestyle is launching me into the best years of my life!

Having my ACL reconstructed 4 years ago made me realize I better strengthen my legs if I ever wanted to play again! Now I’m stronger than I have ever been in my life!

My energy is through the roof, I sleep well, and maintain my high level of physical activity while maintaining muscle and low-percentage body fat!”

How to get back in shape

How She Got Back In Shape


“I never use the word “diet.” Simply put, I eat as clean as possible, avoiding processed foods, and enjoy quality food as fuel for my body. Since beginning the PALEO way of eating, I have discontinued grains, dairy, and legumes.

OK, I follow this way of eating 90/10% of the time. One needs to be willing to shed fears, let go of old ways of thinking, and begin questioning the media hype of what foods are nutritious and good for you.

Anytime you look for a recipe on-line, type PALEO into your search and you’ll see how it can be made.

Learn about the insulin response and how sugar consumption affects your body and how many diseases can be slowed or eradicated from your future. PALEO is the way to go.”

How to get back in shape


“Keeping a positive outlook key to my success. I am willing to attempt new challenges all the time, whether it is in my fitness regime, or pushing through past fears that have stalled my progress of a fulfilled life!

My weekly activities I enjoy are the following; playing competitive league tennis out of Springside Racquet & Fitness Club., CrossFit, and strength and conditioning training. (Yeah, I still love that singles game!)

CrossFit has become been an integral part of my everyday living.

At least 3 times a week I show up at CrossFit Akron to do my wods. (Workout of the Day) Always challenging, constantly varied, intense function movement. No cardio, treadmills, elliptical trainers for me!

I also enjoy my time spent with a wonderful strength and conditioning coach at the PT Center of Akron , once or twice a week. With all this activity, I cannot ever neglect stretching, rolling my muscles, and improving my mobility on a daily basis.

My usage of the Trigger Pont Therapy kit is crucial to my survival as an active BodyPreserver!”

How to get back in shape


“Perfection is not what I seek, it’s setting new goals all the time and achieving them. The culmination of achieving new success’s of my own choosing makes me a happier person, more well-rounded, and able to give to others.

Through conscience choice of how I choose to live, I am given a gift. The gift of inspiring others.

It is a cycle of living. Eat well, Rest well, and Hit it hard!

OK, it sounds like a lot, but I have made my fitness a priority through consistency, hard work and dedication. I get up early if I need to, period.

I am not a slave to working out!

On the contrary-I am finally free!”