12 Celebrities That Still Look Young

Celebrities the world over are known for their glamorous look. It seems that they have achieved a sense of eternal youth. And while it is certainly true that some have resorted to plastic surgery, there are numerous celebrities who are truly still fit at 50.

So what is their secret to looking young?

Fit At 50 – Celebrities Still Looking Young

1.) Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett is a 58 year old actress, perhaps best known for her role in portraying Tina Turner. Her secrets to looking young include embracing life to deal with stress, healthy foods, serums, facials, and plenty of exercise. Fit at 50, for her, is a lifestyle.

2.) Ellen Barkin

(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

Ellen Barkin is a 62 year old actor and film producer. Her secret to looking so young? She follows her personal ’10 Rules for Life After 50′. Her number 1 rule? “Don’t wear your hair longer than to your collarbone”.

3.) John Stamos

John Stamos is a 53 year old musician and actor and overall heartthrob. In fact, many say he is an older, more beautiful version of Zac Effron. Stamos himself says it is pure luck and genetics, and that it won’t last. “I’m lucky. My parents did well; they looked good. But I’m telling you, one day I’m not going to look so good, so I’m going to prep people for that.”

4.) Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is a 63 year old actress and professional model. Like Ellen Barkin, she does not look her age. Her motto is ‘Life is too short to not have oysters and champagne sometimes’. And her secret is exfoliation (she believes men always look younger than women because they exfoliate through shaving) and being vegetarian/vegan.

5.) Charles Oakley

BodyPreserver Charles Oakley
(Pic courtesy of BallerAlert.com)

Charles Oakley is a 53 year old retired professional basketball player. His professional career spanned 19 years.

6.) Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash, actor and talk show host, has recently turned 50. She is also a spokesperson for Latinas and ensures any tips she offers on staying looking young are geared towards Latina ladies. “I literally just use Cetaphil. I keep it very, very simple. I do eye cream and sunscreen every day. Even if you’ve got olive skin, or brown skin, you still need sunscreen. I drink a lot of water. I work out.”


7.) Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe, who is 52 years old and a famous actor like John Stamos, is known for his eternal beauty, and for his amazing blue eyes. The secret of his youthful looks is his line of skincare products, Profile for Men. “You can get it at Nordstrom. I’ve spent the last six years developing it, and it’s what I’ve been using forever.”

8.) Valeria Bertinelli

Valeria Bertinelli is a 53 year old actress. She has three tips for being fit at 50 and always looking good. These are drinking plenty of water (she recommends people use the AddWater app so that they don’t forget), getting plenty of sleep, and eating healthy. “You are what you eat!”

9.) Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon is 54 years old and the woman who has done it all. She is an author, singer, stage, and television actress. Many believe she looks at least 10 years younger than what she actually is, something she is not always happy with as she is very outspoken about the existence of ageism in Hollywood. As such, her secret to looking so young is not to try too hard. Like with John Stamos, it seems to just happen.

10.) Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John is America’s sweetheart. The singer and actress is known the world over for her young, approachable looks. At 68 years old, she still looks absolutely amazing, and many are envious about her amazing skin. “I think the real secret is that I am very, very happy. I have a wonderful new husband and we’re very compatible. I’m having the best time and I’m in a great place emotionally.”

11.) Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito is a 58 year old American actor. Most recognized for his role in Breaking Bad, Giancarole has had roles in a variety of other shows and movies. And he seems to have one of those faces that simply do not age.

12.) Demi Moore

Demi Moore is a 54 year old actress, model, and songwriter. For many years, people believed her secret to looking so young was her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. However, she looked young even before that, and continues to look young today. Her secret, and that of many other celebrities, seems to be “Bikini Bootcamp” in Tulum, Mexico, where the star enjoys coconut weightlifting, Mayan clay treatment, and heart whispering.