Look Younger

Bodypreserver Starter Kit: A Beginners Guide on How to Look and Feel Younger

Bodypreservers  are those who look and feel young regardless of their age and continue to maintain fitness and health throughout their lives.

Wouldn’t it lovely to be able to look and feel younger? Imagine the response and benefits that would come along with your body looking its best and feeling more vibrant. Receiving more positive attention at work, home, or when you’re out in public.

There’s a reason cougars and sugar daddies are so popular as most of our population are more attracted to a younger looking, fitter, and more vibrant partner.

And you can be just that!

Our bodies are absolutely supposed to maintain health and fitness throughout our lives.

So, if you think you’re over the hill, or washed up…you’re not! Let’s preserve our best years and feel that way for as long as we want! It only takes a few minor life adjustments!

Start with these 3 basic steps on your way to Bodypreserving!

Get Happy

• Biomechanically, being happy makes your skin glow as the increased blood flow to the skin and cell nutrients takes years off your look. Studies have shown that loving relationships boosts athletic performance, making you feel younger, especially for those in a long-term relationship.

If those old dating/relationship habits aren’t working anymore, it may be time for some new and improved ones.  Try these new tricks and tools to attract and keep possible suitors.

• If you’re single after age 35, it’s not as easy on the dating scene as most people in your age bracket are usually married or in serious relationships. If you’re not happy in your love or social life, gives a good outlook on what steps should take to reverse your fortune in our midlives.

• Research shows that having supportive friends around you reduces allostatic load that decreases stress and wear and tear on the body. This alleviates wrinkles, darkness under your eyes, and body fat increases from stress induced fat.

Get Active

• Find what drives you to be in great shape and healthy, whether it is fighting against that hereditary flabby stomach and thighs, or the need for a bikini body or beach muscles, motivation is what energizes your body for optimal workouts.

HIIT training should be a staple in any exercise program as research has shown that it works as an antiaging agent. It has been proven to increase metabolic function (weight loss, fat burning, etc.,), and reinvigorated muscle protein to energize and build new muscle content.

Steve and Becky Holman detail how to naturally look 10 years younger.

• Get a gym membership- Having access to a variety of fitness equipment and classes is a great help in getting to your goals.

• Hire a personal trainer- These often work a little better than gyms as they usually have customized details for your specific needs. They cost a little more usually though ranging from $30 to $85/hr.

Get Healthy

• Please don’t cut carbs! Choose the right carbs! As we age, our bodies gradually become less energetic making carbs a necessity as they act as the body’s primary source of energy containing essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

• Complex carbs (oats, whole wheat, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables) should be your primary source since they are nutrient rich and assist in weight management, being low in calories and the slowing the digestion process helping curve unhealthy cravings.

• Try to have at least 40% of food intake come from complex carbs.

• Use natural fat burning home remedies for feeling younger with apple cider vinegar (link to article) and lemon juice to slim you down and tighten up your skin.

• Drink water consistently throughout the day it keeps skin healthy and vibrant while eliminating sodas, pops, and any other beverages that contain high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients.

Tip: Since we don’t recover as fast as we age due to lower testosterone levels, muscle mass, and soft tissue elasticity. Make sure after a vigorous workout that you consume a post workout meal. Our body needs to replenish the carbohydrates it lost while providing your body with the energy for exercise.

Using a carbohydrate and protein supplement are most popular post workout since there is a 30-60-minute window to replenish your system before muscles began to cannibalize as they search for nourishment for repair.

Take these tips as a kick start to your newly rejuvenated life. There is more out there to learn but keeping these simple tips as the basis for your journey!